The Importance of Compliance when it comes to Internet Access-Policy Framework for Enabling Internet Access

This body is established with the main objective being to make the internet accessible to all. This is in line with the United Nations, SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals, which are to achieve universal and affordable internet access to all. According to stats collected some years back, the internet access across the globe had reached close to 3 billion users. Sadly, in as much the reach has gone that far, access to the internet sits at a paltry 43% of the global population. And the bit that further saddens is that the rate of internet access growth is declining by and by. 

In case this is allowed to persist, that is the gap there is between those that can access to the opportunities afforded by the access to the internet, we are staring directly at such a heightened risk of economic inequalities and imbalances in our society. Thus for there to be achieved the global goal of affordable access to the internet, it is paramount that all players or stakeholders, from governments and internet service providers, to renew their focus and determination to achieving this lofty goals. This paper gives a policy framework guideline to help policy makers and all players in this industry to ensure that there are such sustained efforts to make internet accessibility to all and as such realize these global goals and obejctives. Click to read more about internet infrastructure

By and large, when it comes to internet accessibility issues, there are two categories of people to look at. These are those who are still not able to reach the internet at all, those for whom the internet is still totally unavailable and then there are those who can access it but choose not to access it anyway. Thus, in order to address the issue of universal accessibility to the internet, the policy makers generally have two questions to ask and get answers to. These are such questions as what they need to do so as to connect the rest of the world that still sits in darkness when it comes to internet accessibility, i.e how they can extend the internet infrastructure coalition to such persons who are not yet covered by these. The second question to ask is how they can get to attract online those who already have accessibility but have not yet thought of accessing it all the same. For some time, the concerned have had their concern mainly on infrastructure issues.

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